Retirement Planning

Most firefighters and law enforcement officers look forward to the day when they wrap up their career and finally retire.  Some want to have their homes paid-off, some want to have a large sum in their 457 or 401(k) deferred compensation account, and still others want to be completely debt-free. Still, some think they might be in a lower state and federal tax bracket.

It is our experience that most public safety officers are ill-informed about the different CalPERS or County retirement options choices they must make leading up to retirement date.

Choosing the wrong option can have devastating consequences for the retiree or his family.

Proper retirement planning should begin at least ten years prior to one’s retirement date (earlier is better) and definitely not just three months before retirement! The younger one begins this retirement planning process, the better prepared one will be for that ultimate day, and the thirty to forty post- retirement years.

CPSA has over 35 years of expertise in Retirement, Long Term Care, Life Insurance and Survivorship Planning.

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