Life Insurance

For more than 35 years California Public Safety Administrators (“CPSA”) has served our members financial needs with various types of life insurance and annuities.

These products have played an integral part in firefighters and law enforcement officers financial and retirement planning.

Our expertise working with firefighters and peace officers have benefited thousands of families with both living benefits and in the event of a premature death.

CPSA has delivered death benefit checks to more than 1,200 families.

Life insurance is the only product that if properly structured, can replace 100% of an individual’s Human Life Value.   Human life value is the earning ability of an individual throughout his or her working life.

All the money needed to meet a family’s financial plans, goals, and dreams such as children’s college tuition, a continued house payment, the vacations and life events. Retirement income for the surviving spouse, and all of the other expenses that a surviving family would require, can be completely replaced with life insurance.

No one knows if they might die too soon or live too long.  A good financial plan will account for both possibilities.

Our staff has the expertise to put together a comprehensive financial plan in the event of a premature death or one, or both, spouses.